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2.20 Board Meetings

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Chapter 2.00: School Board Governance and Organization








All official School Board meetings shall be open to the public and all informal meetings and conferences involving School Board members shall be conducted as public meetings unless specifically exempted by Florida Statutes.  No official action may be taken by the School Board at any time other than an official meeting.


I.       Regular School Board meetings shall be established at the organizational meeting which is held in November following the general election.  The regular meeting date may be changed by School Board action at any previous meeting, provided that each member is notified by letter or by distribution of the minutes showing a record of the change.  When a meeting date is changed, the Superintendent shall take appropriate action to inform the public.


A.       Special meetings shall be held at the time designated by the Superintendent, School Board Chairperson, or when called by a majority of the School Board members as specified in written notice.


B.       Emergency meetings may be held at any time by the Superintendent either upon his/her initiative or upon the School Board Chairperson’s request.  An emergency meeting may be called as soon as complying with notification procedures; School Board members shall be given a tentative agenda during the notification.

1.       The Superintendent shall prepare and distribute an agenda prior to the emergency meeting.

2.       The agenda, the need for the emergency meeting, and the results of the emergency meeting shall be available to the public within twenty-four (24) hours of said meeting.

3.       Emergency meetings shall be conducted in the same manner as prescribed for regular and special meetings.


II.      Regular, special, and emergency meetings of the School Board shall be held in the regular Board meeting room, unless changed in the manner prescribed herein.   As provided by Florida Statutes, any regular or special meeting may be held at any other appropriate public place within the District by giving prior public notice of at least forty-eight (48) hours. When such a meeting is scheduled or rescheduled at a location other than the regular meeting place, the Superintendent shall take such action to give public notice as required by Florida Statutes.


III.     All School Board meetings shall be conducted in accordance with  Robert’s Rules of Order .


IV.      Any person or group wishing to be placed on the agenda in order to address the school Board shall file with the Superintendent eight (8) days before the meeting at which an audience is desired, a written request asking to be placed on the agenda and giving the following information:  a) Name and address of person or group; b) Name of persons or organization represented; and c) Subject matter to be discussed.   Board members will receive a copy of the request, with the agenda, prior to the Board meeting.   The Superintendent  will  list  these  speakers  in  the  Opening  Items  section  of  the  agenda. Speakers will be allowed to address the School Board for five (5) minutes.  Speakers must come to the podium provided in order to be heard by the School Board.  Arrangements for audio-visual presentations must be made in advance.  In the event that the agenda for the next meeting is crowded, the Superintendent may, at his/her discretion, place the request for hearing at the following meeting.   In this case, the Superintendent shall confirm in writing the placement of the individual on the agenda for the next meeting and the date, time, and place of the meeting.   This rule shall not preclude the right of any citizen to address the School Board; however, except for good cause as provided herein.


Any item to be placed on the agenda of a regular School Board meeting shall be submitted, in writing, to the Superintendent’s office no later than 4:00 p.m., eight (8) days prior to the meeting at which consideration is desired.  The School Board shall not take action on any substantive proposal until such matter has been formally placed on the School Board agenda.


Copies of the agenda for regular meetings shall be made available at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting date to the public or other parties who have expressed a desire for such copy of the agenda.  Copies of the agenda for a special meeting shall be prepared at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to such meeting.


V.       A majority shall constitute a quorum for any School Board meeting.  No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present.  Unless a majority is present, no meeting can be convened.


VI.     The vote shall be unanimous if all members audibly vote “yes” or otherwise indicate an

affirmative vote.


When a split vote occurs, the minutes shall show the vote of each member on the question. Each member who is present shall vote on each decision, ruling, or official act which is taken or adopted by the School Board, unless there is or appears to be a conflict of interest under the provisions of Florida Statutes.  In such cases, the member may abstain but shall file a memorandum pursuant to requirements of Section 112.3143, Florida Statutes.


VII.     The official minutes of the School Board shall be kept as prescribed by Florida Statutes. The minutes shall be kept in a safe place by the Superintendent and shall be made available by the Superintendent during the time the office is open to any citizen desiring to examine the minutes.


A.       Only motions, resolutions, and the necessary information related thereto; the name of the person making the motion or submitting the resolution; the name of the person who seconds the motion; and, the vote or action thereon shall be recorded.


B.       Any School Board member or Superintendent who wishes any of his/her statements to be recorded may request that such become a part of the official minutes.


C.       Any other matter may be made part of the official minutes by direction of the chairperson or by a majority of the School Board.


D.      Lengthy  material  such  as,  but  not  limited  to,  student  assignments  may  be maintained in record books which are separate from, but supplemental to, the basic record of minutes.

VIII.    Members of the public shall have an opportunity to address the School Board at a public meeting regarding any proposition before the Board.  Speakers shall adhere to the rules established by the Board in accordance with Florida Statutes.  Parties wishing to speak to the School Board regarding item(s) on the agenda shall sign up to speak on a form provided in the meeting room, listing the agenda item(s) they wish to address.  Speakers will be allowed to speak for five (5) minutes during the School Board’s discussion of the agenda item.   Speakers must come to the podium provided in order to be heard by the School Board.  Arrangements for audio-visual presentations must be made in advance.


IX.      The public shall be informed that it is unlawful to knowingly disrupt or interfere with a School Board meeting and that any such action may result in a misdemeanor offense of the second degree.  This includes individuals who advise, counsel, or instruct students or School Board employees on techniques for disrupting a School Board meeting.


X.       Workshops may be scheduled by the School Board as deemed appropriate.   No formal action may be taken by the School Board during such workshops.





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