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2.35 Strategic Planning

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Chapter 2.00: School Board Governance and Organization








I.       Overview


A strategic plan shall be adopted by the School Board for achieving the District's vision, goals, and beliefs.  Performance standards, assessment procedures for collecting data, benchmarks, and an evaluation process to determine whether the goals are being successfully achieved shall be established.   The strategic plan shall include, but not be limited to, the District's mission statement, goals, desired outcomes, objectives, strategies, a detailed action plan, time lines, assessment tools, evaluation criteria, periodic reporting procedures,  allocation of  financial  and  human  resources,  budget  appropriations  and a process for revision.  The School Board shall provide guidance in creating and formalizing the strategic plan and shall collaborate with the Superintendent, District administrators, principals, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and the community during the development, adoption and revisions of the plan.


II.      Development


A.       Strategic planning shall be a process by which the School Board envisions the District's future status and develops the necessary operations and procedures to achieve the desired results.   The process shall initially include self-examination to identify the District's current status, performance gaps and priorities and to collect baseline  data  for  establishing  benchmarks  and  for  measuring  progress  and acceptable levels of performance for programs and services.


B.       Goals and objectives shall be:


1.       Clear and concise statements of expectations and purposes as they relate to programs, operations, departments, services, and positions;

2.       Limited number so that they may be reasonably achievable within designated time lines;

3.       Time specific;

4.       Measured in a quantitative and qualitative manner;

5.       Research-based, if available and appropriate; and

6.       Defined with indicators or specifications for successful achievement.


C.       The  strategic plan shall  include  specific  strategies  for attainment  of goals  and objectives.  Strategies shall be analyzed for effectiveness in leading to the desired outcome and for cost effectiveness.


D.      The  District’s  strategic  plan  shall  be  results-oriented  with  a  monitoring  and evaluation component.  Evaluation criteria shall be developed by the Superintendent for operations, programs, and services that are targeted in the strategic plan and shall be used to measure progress toward achieving the strategic goals.

III.     Implementation


A.      The Superintendent shall be responsible for implementing the strategic plan.
B.      The Superintendent shall establish a management plan that enables School Board employees to direct their efforts to the strategic plan.  The action plan shall include particular  responsibilities  of  District  staff.    Employees  shall  be  given  specific directions for establishing daily priorities and for identifying data that needs to be collected to assess whether the goals and objectives are being met.
C.      Administrative and instructional staff shall be held accountable for working diligently to achieve the strategic goals directly related to their job responsibilities and to create student success.
D.      School improvement plans shall incorporate strategies, resource allocations, and
budget appropriations for achieving the District’s goals and objectives.


IV.     Resources


A.      Inservice training shall support the goals and objectives of the plan.  Training shall be provided for employees to assist them in their efforts toward achieving the District’s goals.
B.      Human and financial resources shall be allocated for and included in the District and school budgets to achieve stated goals, objectives, and expectations.  The District’s financial resources shall focus on the strategic plan and shall provide adequate financial support as set forth in the District budget.  The Superintendent shall maximize  the  allocations  of  funds  to  educational  and  operational  programs  to achieve the desired results of the strategic plan.  A coordinated cycle of budgeting to fund the strategic plan shall be included.


V.      Reporting


A.      The Superintendent shall provide quarterly written progress reports to the School
B.      The  School  Board  shall  use  the  quarterly  reports  to  monitor  progress,  make revisions, and update the strategic plan as necessary.
C.      The dates for the quarterly progress reports shall be included in the District’s master
D.      An annual report shall be prepared and distributed to School Board employees, students, parents, and the community about implementation of the strategic plan. Such reports shall include, but not be limited to, the status of achieving the strategic plan, performance levels, cost efficiency data, and identification of any modifications or revisions to the strategic plan.







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