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3.29 Domestic Security

3.29 Domestic Security

Chapter 3.00:  School Administration








I.       The Superintendent shall establish a District domestic security plan that is consistent with the requirements of National Incident Management System (NIMS).  The District plan shall include a plan for each school and facility operated by the School Board.  The Superintendent shall ensure that the plan is consistent with NIMS requirements.


II.      The domestic security plan shall include the following components:

A.       Access Control

The District shall control access to and enhance the security of school campuses, District facilities and transportation by implementing access control procedures and practices.

B.       Emergency Equipment

The District shall ensure that emergency equipment and supplies are available and operable and that communication between school/District personnel and first responders is readily available.

C.       Training

Initial and follow-up training shall be provided for school/District personnel, students and state and local partners.  New employees shall receive training relevant to the position.  When an employee is reclassified to a different position, his/her training record shall be reviewed and appropriate training shall be provided.

D.       Communication and Notification Procedures

The District shall ensure that external and internal communication and notification procedures are developed and implemented.

E.       Coordination with Partners

The District shall ensure coordination with state and local partners by establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with local law enforcement agencies, first responders and the county emergency operations center and participating on the Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF).

F.       Vulnerability Assessment

The District shall establish standards for assessment and shall assess vulnerability of all District schools and facilities.





III.     The District plan including all school and facility plans shall be reviewed annually or more frequently if needed.  Modifications shall be made and communicated to relevant school/District personnel and emergency management officials.  Conditions which may warrant interim review and possible modification of the plan include addition to or renovation of a facility, change in the use of a facility, change of grades served by a school, new programs added to the school, and change in security threat level


IV.      The Superintendent shall request documentation of compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards from the county emergency management agency and shall obtain certification of compliance from the Commissioner of Education.


V.       The Superintendent shall have sole discretion to select employees to function as school guardians.


VI.      A school guardian shall be a volunteer who:

l.        Does not perform duties as a classroom teacher as defined in F.S. 1012.01(2)(a), unless:

  1. The teacher teaches a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp program.
    1. Is a current service member as defined in F.S. 250.01, or
    2. Is a current or former law enforcement officer, as defined in F.S. 943.10(1), (6), or (8).

2.       Shall remain anonymous;

3.       Holds a valid concealed weapons permit issued under F. S. 790.06;

4.       Has completed 132 total hours of comprehensive firearms safety and proficiency training conducted by Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission-certified instructors, which must include:

                   A.       Eighty hours of firearms instruction based on the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission’s Law Enforcement Academy training model, which must include at least 10 percent but no more than 20 percent more rounds fired than associated with academy training.  Program participants must achieve an 85 percent pass rate on the firearms training.

                 B.       Sixteen hours of instruction in precision pistol.

                   C.       Eight hours of discretionary shooting instruction with using state-of-the-art simulator exercises.

                   D.       Eight hours of instruction in active shooter or assailant scenarios.

         E.       Eight hours of instruction in defensive tactics.

         F.       Twelve hours of instruction in legal issues.

5.       Has passed a psychological evaluation administered by a psychologist licensed under chapter 490.

6.       Submits to and passes an initial drug test and subsequent random drug tests in accordance with the requirements of s. 112.0455 and the sheriff’s office.

7.       Has successfully completed ongoing training, weapon inspection, and firearm qualification on at least an annual basis.

8.      Has successfully completed at least 12 hours of a certified nationally recognized diversity training program.

9.       Holds a current school guardian certificate issued by the Sheriff of Okeechobee

         County, Florida.


VII.    To continue to function as a school guardian, the person must successfully complete ongoing training, weapon inspection, and firearm qualification on at least an annual basis.





VIII.   Any school employee that learns the identity of a school guardian shall not disclose such identity to any other person nor shall the school guardian voluntarily disclose the guardian’s identity except in an emergency situation.  A violation of this provision shall subject the violator to disciplinary proceedings, which could include suspension or termination.





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