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3.30 Emergencies

3.30 Emergencies

Chapter 3.00: School Administration




I. In the case of an emergency involving the welfare and safety of students and employees, the Superintendent may suspend any part of these regulations; provided that he shall report the fact of and the reason for suspension at the next meeting of the School Board; and provided further that the suspension shall expire at the time of such report unless continued in effect by actions of the School Board.

II. In case of an emergency, the Superintendent may close any school or all schools. The members of the School Board shall be informed immediately of any event or condition which requires the closing of a school or the schools of the District, and where the public interest requires Board action, the Superintendent shall call a special meeting of the Board.

III. School centers shall be available as emergency shelters for Red Cross and Civil Defense use in the event of an emergency disaster. Principals or designees shall be available to prepare their school plant as an emergency shelter when it is forecast that a storm or hurricane will hit in or near this geographical area.

A. The Superintendent or designee will work with local emergency officials in order to be prepared to assist during emergencies.

B. All school and District administrators will cooperate with local emergency operation officials and Red Cross officials when an emergency occurs according to the District Emergency Plan.

C. Food Service Managers shall be expected to cooperate in the food program when an emergency exists and shall be expected to issue food from storerooms and to keep an accurate account of all supplies purchased and donated. School food service personnel shall direct the use of all equipment when volunteer workers are used.

D. Classified personnel required to work emergency shelters will be paid their normal hourly rate according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Instructional and administrative personnel required to work shelters, prepare for a storm or clean-up after a storm will receive their normal rate of pay during the workday and an hourly rate of $25 beyond their workday. All work hours relating to the emergency must be approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee.

IV. In any case or condition not covered by these regulations, the Superintendent shall base the decision on his/her best judgment.


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Revision Date(s): 6/11/19