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4.10 The Curriculum

4.10 The Curriculum

Chapter 4.00: Curriculum and Instruction




I. The District curriculum shall be determined by:

A. Student performance standards, curriculum frameworks, and assessment tests; B. Students’ needs as determined by studies and surveys;

C. Continuous evaluation of curriculum effectiveness in meeting students’ needs in the

District; and,

D. Florida Statutes, State Board of Education rules, and the School Board.

II. The Superintendent may appoint such committees and special study groups as may be necessary to assist in determining the educational needs of the District.

III. The Superintendent shall designate an appropriate staff member who is responsible for the development and coordination of the total curriculum of the District.

IV. The program of instruction shall include, but not be limited to

A. Elementary Level Curriculum – reading, language arts, social studies, science, health, physical education, music, art, mathematics, character education, and such other disciplines that may be considered necessary to a comprehensive elementary school program. The curriculum shall include instruction in study and work habits, critical thinking skills, health and hygiene, citizenship, career orientation, the establishment of purposes, and the development of and morality;

B. Middle Level Curriculum – Mathematics, language arts, reading, science, social studies, music, art, health, physical education, exploratory career education, character education, computer literacy if resources are available, and critical thinking skills. Activities which offer desirable experiences such as consumer education, band, drama, creative writing, athletics, and student government shall be promoted. Instruction in the use of the library and counseling services shall be provided;

C. Senior Level Curriculum – Will consist of courses which meet the needs of all students. Both college preparatory and terminal courses shall be offered at levels which will challenge each student to perform in accordance with his/her ability.

1. Library instruction and counseling services shall be provided.

2. Character education shall include instruction on the development of leadership, interpersonal, organization, and research skills; workplace ethics and law; conflict resolution; skills that enable students to become resilient and self-motivated; and skills which assist students to become employed.

3. A program of student government, student publications, drama, music, social activities, and athletics shall be provided for the development of well-rounded citizens.

D. A student’s progression from one grade to another shall be determined, in part, upon proficiency in reading, writing, science, and mathematics.

V. The Superintendent or designee shall develop a physical education program to implement the requirements of Florida Statutes.

VI. When dealing with political issues, the positions of all parties will be presented. Partisan political literature will not be distributed in schools. However, schools may give out information relating to School District taxes or the need for construction bonds.

VII. A student’s progression from one grade to another shall be determined in part upon proficiency in reading, writing, science and mathematics.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1001.42, F.S.

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1000.21, 1001.43, 1003.42, 1003.4203, 1003.45, 1003.455,

1006.28, 1006.29, 1008.25, 1010.305


HISTORY: Adopted: 06/12/2012

Revision Date(s): 07/11/2017

Formerly: G-7, G-8, G-16, G-39, G-48