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4.22 Academic Acceleration

4.22 Academic Acceleration

Chapter 4.00: Curriculum and Instruction




The School Board of Okeechobee County believes that all children are entitled to an education that is challenging and is commensurate with their abilities and needs. Therefore, students who can exceed grade level and/or subject area expectations shall be provided opportunities to participate in accelerated learning.

I. Accelerated learning options shall include but not be limited to: A. Whole grade promotion

B. Mid-year promotion

C. Virtual instruction

D. Subject matter acceleration E. Advanced academic courses F. Credit Acceleration Program G. Enrichment programs

H. Early high school graduation

II. All parents and students shall be notified of the opportunities for academic acceleration.

Notification shall include but not be limited to:

A. Accelerated learning options including early graduation

B. Eligibility requirements

C. Referral process and relevant deadlines

D. Appeals process

E. Performance contracts for students who are referred by their parents

III. Student eligibility requirements shall be established at the school and district levels. Eligibility considerations shall include those established by law and other considerations as determined by the school or district.

IV. A student may be referred for academic acceleration by a teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, school psychologist, or parent.

V. An evaluation committee shall be established at each school to consider all referrals for academic acceleration. The committee shall determine a student’s eligibility for an acceleration program or accelerated class(es).

VI. A parent may appeal the decision of the evaluation committee in writing if the committee does not recommend that the child is eligible to participate in academic acceleration.

VII. A performance contract shall be developed for each student who participates in an acceleration option at the request of his/her parent. The contract shall be signed by the student, parent, and school principal.

VIII. Provisions for academic acceleration shall be contained in the Student Progression Plan.

IX. The District and schools shall establish procedures for the implementation of academic acceleration. The eligibility requirements, data sources to be used for evaluation, composition of the evaluation committee and methods of monitoring accelerated students shall be included in the procedures.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1001.42, F.S.

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1000.21, 1001.43, 1002.3105, 1002.321, 1003.4281, 1003.4295, F.S.


HISTORY: Adopted: 07/09/2013

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