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4.41 Instructional Materials Selection

4.41 Instructional Materials Selection

Chapter 4.00:  Curriculum and Instruction




                                            INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS SELECTION




It is the constitutional duty and responsibility of the Okeechobee County School Board to adopt and provide adequate instructional materials to all students of the District, whether the materials are selected from Florida Department of Education (FDOE) approved materials list or through a local selection program.

                 I.          Adoption of Instructional Materials. The following procedures for the adoption of instructional materials apply only to those instructional materials that serve as the major content tool and basis for instruction for each student in the core subject areas of mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, reading, and literature:

                              A.        Public access to recommended materials will be provided 20 days before consideration by the School Board.

                              B.        Public notice of the materials being considered for adoption shall specifically list the materials and how they can be accessed.

                              C.        The School Board shall conduct an open noticed public hearing to receive comment on recommended materials prior to adoption.

                              D.        The School Board shall conduct an open noticed public meeting, on a date other than the date of the public hearing required by c. (immediately above), to approve an annual instructional materials plan identifying instructional materials that will be purchased.

                              E.        The School Board shall receive comment at the public hearing and meeting as prescribed by policy.


               II.          The Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services of the school will provide to the Superintendent prior to March 31 a list of selected materials planned for purchase for a subject during the first two (2) years of the state adoption cycle.  If nonadopted materials are selected, a list of the titles and publishers will be provided with documentation that the selections and reasons for the selections have been reviewed and approved by the School Advisory Council or District Advisory Council.


             III.          The Superintendent or designee shall notify the Department of Education by March 31 of each year the state-adopted instructional materials that will be requisitioned for use in the District.


              IV.          The principal is to collect from each pupil or the pupil’s parent the purchase price of any instructional material the pupil has lost, destroyed, or unnecessarily damaged and to report and transmit such amounts collected to the Assistant Superintendent of Finance.  Upon reasonable effort by the principal to collect the sum, failure to satisfy the debt may result in the suspension of the pupil from participation in extracurricular activities or satisfaction of the debt by the pupil through community service activities at the school site as determined by the principal.  The principal may not delay the transfer of a pupil’s permanent record or delay the awarding of grades due to failure of payment of assessment on lost, destroyed, or damaged materials.


                V.          The principal, when requested by the parent of a pupil in the school, shall sell to the parent any instructional materials used in the school.  The costs of the materials to the parents would be prorated based on the original purchase price, number of years of adoption, and number of years used.


              VI.          All money collected from the sale, loss, or damage of instructional materials shall be transmitted to the Finance Department to be deposited in the District school fund and added to the District appropriation for instructional materials.


            VII.          Principals shall see that all books are fully and properly accounted for annually.


          VIII.          Instructional materials purchased by District School Board on behalf of dual enrollment students shall be the property of the School Board.




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