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4.43 Challenged Materials

4.43 Challenged Materials

Chapter 4.00:  Curriculum and Instruction








  1. Process for parents or residents of the county to contest adoption of specific instructional material.  Parents of students attending a public school in the District or residents may contest the Board’s adoption of specific instructional materials as described in the Adoption of Instructional Materials section above.  The parent or resident must follow the procedure below to contest the board’s adoption of specific instructional material.
    1. The parent or resident must file with the Board within thirty (30) calendar days after the Board’s adoption of specific instructional material a petition on a form (Objection to Instructional and/or Media Material).  The petition form is publicly available in each school office, the Superintendent’s office, or on the District’s website.
    2. All concerns shall be presented in writing on the printed form.  A complainant who does not complete and return the form within the required time shall receive no consideration. The statement shall include the following information:
    3. Author, compiler, or editor;
    4. Publisher;
    5. Title;
    6. Reason for objection;
    7. Page number of each item challenged; and,
    8. Signature, address and telephone number of person making the complaint.
      1. Within thirty (30) days after the initial thirty-day period has expired, the School Board shall conduct at least one public hearing before an unbiased and qualified hearing officer on all petitions received during the thirty-day time period.  The petitioner(s) shall be notified in writing of the date and time of the hearing at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing.
      2. The contested material shall be made available to the public online at least seven (7) days before the hearing.
      3. The decision of the School Board, after convening a hearing, shall be final and not subject to further review or petition.


  1. The following procedures shall be followed for objections to the use of instructional materials:
    1. A parent, as defined by Florida Statutes, may object to his/her child’s use of a specific instructional material or an adult student may object to the use of a specific material in his/her instructional program. The parent or adult student may request a conference with the principal or principal’s designee to discuss the use of the material.
    2. The complainant will be provided with the District’s policies and procedures for the selection of instructional materials. The principal or designee will explain the use of the material in the instructional program and answer questions from the individual.
    3. If the issue is not resolved at the conference, the complainant will be provided with the form to file a written objection and an explanation of the process that will be followed.
    4. School-level Appeals


  1. A committee of teachers, educational media specialists, and other qualified personnel shall be appointed by the principal to evaluate the challenged materials and to make recommendations of any changes. The principal shall notify the Superintendent and the instructional materials coordinator when a committee is convened.
  2. Challenged materials shall not be removed immediately; however, such materials shall not be available for student use pending a final decision.
  3. Challenged materials shall be read and re-evaluated by the committee, considering the specific objections raised. The committee shall report its decision within fifteen (15) working days.
  4. The complainant shall be informed in writing concerning the committee’s recommendations.
  5. District-level Appeals

These procedures shall be appropriate for district-level appeals and shall be followed when the complainant disagrees with the decision rendered from the school-level appeal.

  1. A committee shall be appointed by the Superintendent to review the appeal. The Superintendent shall designate the instructional materials coordinator as being responsible for the organization of this review committee according to School Board policies. The committee’s recommendations shall be submitted to the Superintendent within fifteen (15) working days. A committee member shall not be selected from the school where the challenged materials originated.
  2. The following shall serve as a review committee for elementary schools

(1)          The chairman of the advisory council or designee;

(2)          Elementary media specialist;

(3)          Elementary principal;

(4)          A curriculum supervisor;

(5)          Three (3) instructional staff members at the elementary level; and,

(6)          Two (2) parents; as defined by Florida Statutes, of elementary age students. 

  1. The following shall serve as a review committee for secondary schools

(1)          The chairperson of the County-wide Advisory Council or designee;

(2)          Secondary media specialist;

(3)          Secondary principal;

(4)          A curriculum supervisor;

(5)          Three (3) instructional staff members at the secondary level; and,

(6)          Two (2) parents of secondary age students.

  1. The committee’s review shall be treated objectively, unemotionally, and in business-like manner and shall be conducted in the best interests of the student, the school, and the community. Efforts shall be made to meet with citizens who register concerns to consider their objections.

The complainant shall be informed, in writing, in fifteen (15) working days after the committee’s recommendation is received by the Superintendent.

  1. A School Board appeal may be requested by the complainant when the school and district-level appeals do not satisfactorily resolve the concerns. The School Board shall review recommendations from the school and district-level committees and shall render the final decision on the complainant’s concern.





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