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4.48 Virtual Instruction

4.48 Virtual Instruction

Chapter 4.00: Curriculum and Instruction


Virtual Instruction


I. At least one (1) course required for graduation must be earned through online learning. A student shall not be required to take an online course outside the regular school day or in addition to the courses in which a student is registered in a given semester.

II. The District shall provide various options for eligible students to participate in part-time or full time virtual instruction. Options may include

A. Courses in the traditional school setting taught by certified personnel who provide instruction through virtual instruction;

B. Blended learning courses taught by certified personnel that consist of traditional classroom and online instructional techniques;

C. Online courses offered by the District;

D. Online courses offered by another Florida school district; E. Enrollment in Florida Virtual School; and

F. Enrollment with a virtual instruction provider approved by the Florida Department of


III. Students may also use the following options to meet online course requirements:

A. Completion of a course in which a student earns an industry certification in information technology that is identified on the CAPE Industry Certification Funding list;

B. Passing the information technology certification exam without enrolling in or completing the course(s); or

C. Passing an online content assessment that requires the student to demonstrate skill and competency in locating information and applying technology for instructional purposes without enrollment in or completion of the relevant course(s).

IV. To participate in virtual instruction, a student must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in state law.

V. At the beginning of each school year, the District shall notify parents and students regarding the right and choice to participate in virtual instruction. Notification shall include eligibility requirements, the options available to the student, and the courses offered by Florida Virtual School.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1001.42

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1000.04, 1001.20, 1001.42, 1002.20, 1002.321, 1002.37, 1002.45,

1002.455, 1003.02, 1003.4282, 1003.498, 1006.29, 1007.27,



HISTORY: Adopted: 11-22-16

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