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5.321 Addendum - 07-12-16

5.321 Addendum - 07-12-16

Authorized Programs to Provide Instruction to Students, Parents/Legal Guardians, Teachers, School Administrators, Counseling Staff, and School Volunteers on Identifying, Preventing, and Responding to Bullying and Harassment including Instruction on Recognizing Behaviors that Lead to Bullying and Harassment and Taking Appropriate Preventive Actions

The Okeechobee County School District provides the following list of authorized programs including, but not limited to:

• Capturing Kids’ Hearts

• Character Counts

• Cyber Safety 10-12

• Martha’s House Presentations

• PBS/PBIS (Positive Behavior Support)/Positive Behavioral Interventions

& Supports

• Pride Lessons Weekly

• Project Wisdom

• SafeSchools Modules

On-line Safety: Cyberbullying Bullying: Recognition & Response Hazing

• SRO presentations

• Too Good For Violence

• Town Hall Meetings (1st 9 weeks of each school year)

Decisions to include additional instructional programs or activities, not previously listed within this policy, will be made on a case-by-case basis and authorized by individual school principals.

This form is a supplement to School Board Policy 5.321 – Bullying and Harassment