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6.19 Certification of Administrative and Instructional Personnel

6.19 Certification of Administrative and Instructional Personnel

Chapter 6.00: Personnel




I.       No person shall be employed or continued in employment in a position that requires a certificate if he/she does not hold or is ineligible to hold a Florida Educator’s Certificate or a Local Certificate or holds a professional license.  However, a person may be employed under emergency conditions, pursuant to Florida Statutes, or may qualify as non-certificated instructional personnel pursuant to School Board Rule 6.132.  The staff member shall be responsible for maintaining a valid certificate. The staff member shall register his/her certificate and each certificate reissuance or renewal in the District office as soon as the Department of Education issues the certificate with a new validity period or area.


II.      The Superintendent shall designate a certification contact person to work directly with the Bureau of Educator Certification, Florida Department of Education, to assist personnel with certification issue.

  1. If an individual employed by the District does not achieve a passing score on any subtest of the general knowledge examination, the District must provide information regarding the availability of state-level and district level supports and instruction to assist in achieving a passing score.
  2. Information must include state-level test information guides, school district test preparation resources and preparation courses offered.


III.     An individual nominated for an instructional position shall be property certificated, be eligible for certification, meet conditions prescribed in State Board of Education rules, or qualify for employment or re-employment as a non-degreed vocational education or adult education teacher based on School Board rule.


          IV.      Pursuant to Sections 1012.39, 1012.55 and 1012.57, employment of temporary instructors, teachers of adult education, non-degreed teachers of career education, adjunct educators, career specialists, and experts in the field, each school district will establish the minimal qualifications for the issuance of  ** County Public Schools Certificates.  Such certificates establish eligibility for employment, but do not confer a right to employment.

  1. The School Board defines an adjunct educator as a teacher who has expertise in the subject area to be taught.  A teacher shall be considered to have expertise in the subject area to be taught if the teacher demonstrates sufficient subject area mastery through passage of a subject area test.  The district is permitted to issue adjunct certificates to qualified applicants.
  2. Adjunct certificate holders should be used primarily to enhance the diversity of course offerings offered to all students.
  3. Adjunct teaching certificates issued for full time teaching positions are valid for no more than three (3) years and are nonrenewable.







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