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6.211 Approval of Leaves

6.211 Approval of Leaves

Chapter 6.00: Personnel




All requests for leave shall be submitted on the proper form and shall be approved either by the

School Board or the Superintendent as provided herein:

I. The following types of leave require approval of the School Board:

A. Extended Health Leave or Disability Leave including Maternity Leave

B. Military Leave in excess of seventeen (17) days

C. Personal Leave in excess of 20 days D. Illness or Injury in Line of Duty Leave E. Leave to seek political office

F. Professional Leave in excess of twenty (20) days

G. Sabbatical Leave

H. Family and Medical Leave

II. The Superintendent is authorized to grant the following types of leave: A. Sick Leave

B. Personal Leave not in excess of twenty (20) days

C. Annual Leave

D. Professional Leave not to exceed twenty (20) days

E. Jury Duty assignment

F. Military Leave not to exceed seventeen (17) days

G. Witness Duty absence

H. Temporary Duty

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1012.22, 1012.23, F.S.

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1001.43, 1012.22, 1012.61, 1012.63, 1012.64, 1012.66, F.S.

STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION RULES: 6A-1.080, 6A-1.081, 6A-1.082

HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

Revision Date(s): 06/08/2004

Formerly: C-13, C-15, C-18, C-23, C-24, C-26, C-27, C-28, C-29, C-43, D-16, D-26, E-9, E-13, E-14, E-15,

E-16, E-18, E-19, E-21, E-23