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6.25 Military Leave

6.25 Military Leave

Chapter 6.00: Personnel




I. Military leave shall be granted to an employee who is required to serve in the armed forces of the United States or of the state of Florida in fulfillment of obligations incurred under the Selective Service Laws or because of membership in the reserves of the armed forces or the National Guard. When an employee enters voluntarily into any branch of the armed forces for temporary or an extended period of service, military leave shall be granted at the School Board’s discretion. Provided, however, an employee whose absence will interfere with the orderly operation of the school program shall be denied military leave except in unusual cases.

II. An employee granted military leave for extended active duty shall, upon the completion of the tour of duty, be returned to employment without prejudice; provided that an application for re-employment is filed within six (6) months following the discharge date or release from active military duty. Following receipt of the application for re-employment, the School Board shall have a reasonable time, not to exceed six (6) months, to assign the employee to duty in the same or similar position he/she left in the District.

III. Compensation allowed during military leave shall not exceed seventeen (17) days except as provided in Section 115.07, Florida Statutes.

IV. An employee who enters active military service shall be governed by the provisions of

Sections 115.07, 115.14, 121.111, and 250.341, Florida Statutes.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1012.22, 1012.23, F.S.

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 115.07, 115.09, 115.14, 121.111, 250.341, 1001.43, 1012.66, F.S.


HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

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