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6.34 Sick Leave Bank

6.34 Sick Leave Bank

Chapter 6.00: Personnel




The purpose of establishing a sick leave bank is to provide all employees of the Okeechobee County School Board an emergency pool of sick leave days for catastrophic illness or injury above and beyond those days available from the member’s accumulated sick leave and vacation leave provided the employee.

I. Conditions and Procedures

A. Anyone classified as a full-time employee of the Okeechobee School Board who has been employed for a minimum of one full year of creditable service immediately prior to application for membership and who has a minimum of four days accrued sick leave shall be eligible for membership in the bank.

B. The window entry period for initially contributing to the bank shall be between

September 1 and September 30 of each year.

C. Each new member shall voluntarily contribute one day of newly earned sick leave during the window entry period.

D. The sick leave bank will not come into existence until at least 150 days are deposited.

E. The following conditions shall control the operations of the sick leave bank and the right of employees to utilize the bank:

1. Each participant upon deletion of his/her sick leave and vacation leave available shall be eligible to apply for extended days drawn from the bank at the rate not to exceed 40 days during the course of the employee’s employment with the School Board. (Exception: The employee may reapply to the Sick Leave Bank for an additional 40 days after waiting a 10-year period from the date of his last used day approved by the Sick Leave Bank.)

2. The illness or injury must have caused absence from work without pay at least 10 consecutive work days. Fragmentary sick leave days in excess of sick leave will not be honored by the bank.

3. Sick leave or vacation leave earned during the 10 days absence without pay or during use of days drawn from the Sick Leave Bank will be credited to the employee’s leave record to be used after the approved days from the bank have been depleted.

4. An application must be made to the Sick Leave Bank committee, submitting a medical certificate and justification for protracted leave. The committee may request an opinion from a second doctor. Cost of the second opinion shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

5. The bank shall be applicable to the illness or injury of the employee and not to the illness, injury or death of any other person.

6. Exclusions from the Sick Leave Bank shall be elective surgery, maternity, and any self-inflicted illness or injury, and any job related illness or injury.

7. In the event of death of the participant, any remaining days applied for and approved from the Sick Leave Bank will terminate as of that date.

8. Misuse of the pool shall be investigated and penalty accessed in addition to repaying days drawn from the bank.

F. Any employee withdrawing sick leave from the bank shall not be required to replace those days except as a regular contributing member to the bank.

G. All participating members shall contribute one day if by September 30th of the year the bank balance reaches below 150 days. No further contributions shall be required of participating members unless the bank is depleted below 75 days. In such case, all participating members shall be required to contribute an additional day to the pool each time the bank is depleted below 75 days. Participating members who do not have an additional day accrued at the time of replenishment may contribute the next available sick leave day and remain eligible for membership in the bank.

H. Any participating employee who chooses to no longer participate in the sick leave pool shall not be eligible to withdraw any sick leave already contributed to the bank.

I. In the event the sick leave pool is terminated, all unclaimed sick leave days shall be returned to participating members where possible. Return of days will be accomplished equally to those members who have not utilized pool claims.

J. After one year’s operation, the Sick Leave Bank Conditions and Procedures will be reviewed by a committee for any changes and/or corrections.

II. Committee for Employee Sick Leave Bank

A. Membership

1. The committee shall have a total of six members. The committee shall be composed of two teachers, two non-instructional personnel appointed by the Union President, and two members appointed by the School Superintendent.

2. Three members of the committee (one teacher, one non-instructional personnel, one administrator) shall serve for two years.

3. Three members of the committee (one teacher, one non-instructional personnel, one administrator) shall serve for four years.

B. Responsibilities

1. The committee shall screen and approve or disapprove users of the Sick Leave Bank. The committee will review all withdrawal applications. Any denials will be explained. A minimum of five signatures will be required for all approvals.

2. The committee may request the opinion of a second doctor in making a determination to grant use of the Sick Leave Bank. The cost of said second opinion shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

3. A completed application, together with a medical certificate and justification for withdrawal from the Bank must be submitted to the committee by the participating Sick Leave Bank member. The applicant shall indicate the total number of days anticipated in excess sick leave.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1012.22, 1012.23, F.S.



HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

Revision Date(s):

Formerly: C-20, E-1