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6.80 Assessment of Employees

6.80 Assessment of Employees

Chapter 6.00: Personnel




I. The Superintendent shall develop or select personnel performance assessment systems for all staff.

II. Each member of the staff shall receive, at a minimum, an annual evaluation by his immediate administrative supervisor. The purpose of the evaluation shall be to improve the services of personnel in all departments. The administrative supervisors and department heads shall use the evaluation form provided by the Superintendent.

III. A copy of each employee’s evaluation report shall be filed in the District Personnel office.

IV. The assessment of all employees shall be based on observations of the individual’s work by his/her immediate supervisor and shall be made at least once each year prior to re- appointment. Evaluation of instructional personnel and school administrators shall include indicators of student learning growth.

V. The Superintendent shall arrange for the assessment of all principals, supervisors, and administrative personnel as required by law.

VI. The principal and/or administrator supervising personnel shall arrange for the assessment of all employees under his supervision as required by law.

VII. Prior to preparing the written report of the assessment, the individual being assessed shall be informed as to the criteria and the procedure to be used.

VIII. The written report of the assessment shall be reviewed with the employee and discussed with him/her by the person who made the assessment.

IX. An employee may respond to an assessment in the manner provided by law or other approved procedures.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1012.22, 1012.23, F.S.

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1001.43, 1008.22, 1008.36, 1012.22, 1012.27, 1012.34, F.S


HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

Revision Date(s): 10/09/2012

Formerly: C-40, E-24