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7.22 Fund Raising for School Projects and Activities

7.22 Fund Raising for School Projects and Activities

Chapter 7.00: Business Services




All fund raising projects and activities by schools or groups within the school shall contribute to the educational and extracurricular experiences of students and shall not be in conflict with the overall instructional program as administered by the Superintendent.

I. Money derived from any school fund raising project or activity shall be deposited in the school’s internal funds account and shall be disbursed as prescribed by School Board rules and State Board of Education rules.

II. Each school shall continuously evaluate its fund-raising projects and extracurricular activities of the school program, the promotion of education experiences, the time involved for students and teachers, and the additional demands made on the school community.

III. The determination of the fund-raising projects and activities for a school shall be the principal and the staff’s responsibility and shall conform to the following conditions and any directives by the Superintendent.

A. Fund raising activities and projects within all schools shall be kept within a reasonable limit. Before approving any project or activity, the principal shall require full justification of the need and explanation of the manner in which the funds will be expended.

B. Merchandising projects shall be kept to a minimum.

C. Any fund raising involving the sale of foods to students shall require compliance with federal regulations regarding fund raising restrictions.

IV. A parent-teacher association or any other organizations connected with the school may sponsor fund raising activities provided school work and time are not adversely affected. Such activities shall be conducted in accordance with School Board rules and state and federal regulations governing the sale of food items. Unlawful activity shall be prohibited by any school group or on School Board property.

V. A student shall not sell raffle tickets on the school grounds during the school day. Students may

not sell any other item on the school grounds without first having the principal’s approval.

VI. Individuals and business agencies shall not be subject to excessive annoyances from the solicitation of funds by school groups or school personnel. The solicitation of funds away from school shall require the Superintendent or designee’s approval. When possible, all necessary money shall be raided for school needs without recourse to any solicitation away from the school. The Superintendent shall approve a solicitation activity only when funds cannot be raised otherwise. This rule does not preclude private or volunteer contributions for athletic or other purposes.


LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1001.51, 1006.02, 1010.01, 1011.07, F.S.



HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

Revision Date(s): 10/14/2014

Formerly: New