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7.30 Inventories and Property Records

7.30 Inventories and Property Records

Chapter 7.00: Business Services




The Superintendent or designee shall maintain an adequate and accurate record of all tangible personal property of the District. The record shall indicate the date of acquisition, the fund from which purchased, identification number, and property record number and shall be consistent with all requirements of Florida Statutes and the rules of the Auditor General. School inventories shall be verified by the District administration at the Superintendent’s direction.

I. All equipment shall be listed that has a value or cost of seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) or more. The principal or supervisor shall notify the District Office of all removals, transfers, and receipt of donated or purchased property that meets criteria for being recorded as a fixed asset in order to update records and of all new equipment.

II. Property inventories shall be performed annually. It shall be each principal’s duty to designate a person to make an annual inventory of all school property within his/her building(s). This report shall include recommendations for the disposition of obsolete and surplus equipment and equipment beyond economical repair. Such inventory shall be filed with the District Office by June

30 or at the time of any principal’s resignation.

III. Any incoming principal or supervisor and the property control officer shall make an inventory of all school equipment when the new principal or supervisor assumes the duties of the position. This inventory shall be checked against the last inventory made at the school and a report shall be filed with the District Office to identify any shortages or discrepancies.

IV. The principal or supervisor shall also be responsible for taking inventories of properties not covered in subsection (1) herein such as student furniture, library books, and other materials as deemed appropriate. These inventory records shall remain on file in the individual school or work location.

V. The Superintendent shall prescribe the procedures for the accountability of property as defined in

Chapter 274, Florida Statutes.

VI. All equipment purchased by the various District organizations or by outside organizations for district use shall become School Board property and shall be recorded and inventoried in the same manner as all other equipment of a similar nature.

VII. The principal or supervisor shall keep an inventory of all equipment in his/her school or work location on forms provided by the District.

VIII. The Superintendent shall report to the School Board any property that has been lost or stolen if recovery is not made by the close of the school year after the discovery of the loss or theft. Such report shall include a recommendation for inactivation of the property record and information concerning possible personal liability which may be appropriate as the circumstance of the loss or theft may indicate.


LAWS IMPLEMENTED: Chapter 274· 1001.42,F.S.


HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

Revision Date(s):

Formerly: C-36,C-37, F.40