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8.11 Emergency Evacuation Drills

8.11 Emergency Evacuation Drills

Chapter 8.00: Auxiliary Services




I. The principal shall hold emergency evacuation drills as required by State Board of Education Rules.

II. The principal and instructional and non-instructional school staff members shall develop a base emergency exit and cover plan for such emergencies as fire, bomb threats, foul weather, and national emergencies designed to familiarize the occupants with all means of exit and appropriate cover areas for emergencies. Special emergency exits that are not generally used during the normal occupancy of the building shall be carefully detailed and outlined. Diagrams shall be posted in each student occupied area clearly indicating fire exits and alternate evacuation routes.

III. The principal shall plan and assign to staff members the responsibility of the prompt and orderly evacuation of school buildings.

IV. The principal shall identify and report to the Superintendent hazardous areas requiring corrective measures. The Superintendent shall be responsible for informing the School Board of the principal’s report.

V. The Superintendent shall make available to each principal a copy of State Board of Education Rules and any amendments adopted by the State Board of Education relating to emergency evacuation drills.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1001.42, F.S.

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1001.43, 1006.07, F.S.


HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

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