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District Updates

COVID-19 District Updates

April 2, 2020

Education is deemed an essential service. Okeechobee County Schools will continue to work to support our students and families.

In an effort to comply with the Stay-At-Home directive from the Governor, starting Friday, April 2nd, we will be physically closing our offices and school sites to the public. We will have staff at each site to ensure phones are answered and messages routed to the intended person or department.
Please check the Contact List for Common Questions document for assistance.
You can also send an email to: for issues or concerns.

March 19. 2020


We have added an additional location more centrally located, at our Public Library. This will be a walk-up or Drive-thru location that will be open from 11:00 -12:00. Walk-ups must leave the premises taking their meal back home to eat. No one will be allowed to stay on site.

We are working as quickly as possible to also have additional feeding opportunities for our outlying communities. We understand the need and are in current planning meetings to meet those needs. We are not there today but please like this page in order to be notified of those upcoming messages.

March 17, 2020

DISTRICT SHUTDOWN MEAL AVAILABILITY UPDATE: We are happy to announce that in addition to drive-through meals being available at OHS on the 24th -27th from 11:00 - 1:00, we will also have Grab-N-Go Meals available at Douglas Park on the same days from 11:00 - 12:00. Children age 18 and under may receive meals and then must return home to eat their meal. Children’s names will be recorded at time of meal receipt at all locations. No one will be allowed to remain on the premises.

March 16, 2020

During our District shutdown, from March 24th - 27th we will be serving lunch from 11:00 -1:00 in a drive-through model from the OHS. Cars will enter the South Gate and follow the drive around the back of the football field. Meals will be distributed near the gym/auditorium area. Do not get out of your car. Meals will be brought to you.

Meals will be distributed for all children 18 and under. Children do not have to be present but adults should be ready to give the name(s) and school(s) attended if asked.

Entrance will be closed at 1:00.

March 13, 2020


COVID-19 Update:

Next week is spring break and a teacher planning day is scheduled for the following Monday.  It will be March 24th before students are expected to return.  That is 11 days away.  As the situation continues to mature, we are mindful that a lot can happen during this timespan.

 We continue to practice prevention measures.  We are exploring what we would do instructionally in case of a closure. Conversations are occurring about offering lunches in perhaps a drive through setting if necessary to keep our children fed. 

 We caution parents, students and staff about traveling during the break.  If there are continued outbreaks in certain locations throughout our world, country and region, new guidance may be provided regarding re-entry into school. At that time, we will yield to the CDC and local Department of Health for guidance.

 Our primary source of communication during the break will be through Facebook and our district website at  

 Until then, monitor for potential symptoms, rest up, be safe and wash your hands.


Thank you,

 Ken Kenworthy

Okeechobee County Schools

March 5, 2020

To keep our students, parents, staff and community informed, the Okeechobee County School Board is providing this information regarding the Coronavirus, COVID-19.  The district has worked closely with The Okeechobee County Health Department before making decisions and assisting in public awareness.

The following information is being provided to increase transparency and should be used for planning:

1.        Current Students Re-entering School After Travel

The School Board of Okeechobee County requests that all parents and guardians inform their schools by telephone or email if people in their household have traveled to Restricted Areas that the CDC has deemed to be high-risk for widespread sustained transmission of the virus, DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL.  Please call the Okeechobee Health Department at 863-462-5800 and follow their guidance. Upon notification, schools will work with district and community health officials to determine the appropriate action regarding re-entry of those children into the school. Please consider these restricted areas when making travel plans for spring break.

2.       Registration or Enrollment of New Students from High Risk Areas

Any new families arriving to Okeechobee from Restricted Areas are also requested to call the Okeechobee Health Department at 863-462-5800 and follow their guidance. DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL. School officials will work with district and community health officials to determine the appropriate registration and attendance plan for those students.

3.       Sanitization of School Facilities

Schools are being routinely sanitized. Door handles, desks, faucets, and stair rails are being cleaned daily using appropriate cleaning solutions.  School buses will be sanitized with special attention being given to handrails, seat belts, and seats. Bulk hand sanitizer is being distributed to all schools, and schools have been advised to ensure adequate supply of soap and paper towels for student and employee use.

4.       School Health Clinic

The clinic at each school site monitors every visit and reports data to the Health Department regarding sickness, fever or accident.  This is a routine procedure that is followed throughout the year and will continue.

If a student comes to the clinic and has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, that student will be isolated as much as possible, may be given a mask, and shall be sent home.

School Nurses have completed or scheduled handwashing techniques for all students K-5. Check out this flyer to help us.

Stop the spread of germs

5.       School Attendance

Students who provide written documentation from their healthcare provider advising them to refrain from attending school due to the Coronavirus will be excused. Families of these students are asked to coordinate with their school principals to develop an appropriate education plan on a case-by-case basis.

For all other students, normal school attendance policies remain in effect. The district is prepared to make school-by-school decisions with guidance from state and local health officials if necessary.

Please keep your child home from school if sick.  If you write a note due to his/her illness, it will be excused.  Click here to answer the question, Is your child too sick for school? If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you must keep them home.

6.       School Closure

After consultation with the Health Department, Emergency Management and the School Board a decision may be made to possibly close schools as a worst case scenario.  This is highly unlikely.  However, we are making plans to ensure that academic instruction continues through the following avenues:

  • Each student in grades 6-12 have already been assigned a Chromebook for regular usage every day.
  • We have enough Chromebooks for grades 2-12.
  • Students have passwords to online software like, Edmentum Courseware, Exact Path, Study Island, i-Ready, Reflex Math, Schoology, Google Classroom and iXL.  Additional lessons could also be assigned through Kahn Academy or one of the many other programs available electronically.
  • Some of these may be operated on a cell phone as well after downloading an app.
  • Students in K-1 will have generic assignments posted on each schools website.

Again, schools will not be closed unless circumstances are extreme to the community.

7.       Employee and Student Travel

Currently planned school-sponsored out-of-state travel for students and employees may be allowed if a trip is to an area which is not on the CDC’s list of concern. District administration will review each trip on a case-by-case basis. Until further notice, new out-of-state travel requests will not be approved.

The district is proceeding with caution regarding in-state travel. All in-state travel must be approved by the superintendent. Trips requiring air travel, events held in closed spaces, or events with 1,000 or more participants will be carefully considered on an individual basis.

There are no restrictions at this time for in-county field trips. The district will continue to work with the Florida Department of Health and monitor any potential issues in our local community.

Students and employees who are ill will not be permitted to travel. Prior to traveling, students and employees will be made aware that if they become ill during the course of travel they may not be allowed to return via public transportation if the transporting authority makes the determination that the individual poses a risk to others being transported. If a student is not allowed to return due to illness or mandatory isolation, a responsible adult will be required to remain with the student. Both students and employees with exposure to others with the Coronavirus will be expected to self-isolate as recommended by the Florida Department of Health.

We will yield to the Florida High School Athletic Association regarding regional and state athletic events and will provide guidance to schools once that information is received.

8.       Student and Employee Contact Information

Parents and guardians are urged to ensure their phone numbers and email addresses are correct and permissions are set to receive messages. Please check with your school to confirm your contact information and to enable telephone and email messages.

For more information regarding Coronavirus, please visit:

• Centers for Disease Control:

• Florida Department of Health:


5 de marzo de 2020

Para mantener informados a nuestros estudiantes, padres, personal y comunidad, la Junta Escolar del Condado de Okeechobee está proporcionando esta información sobre el Coronavirus, COVID-19. El distrito ha trabajado en estrecha colaboración con el Departamento de Salud del Condado de Okeechobee antes de tomar decisiones y para ayudar a la conciencia pública.

La siguiente información se proporciona para aumentar la transparencia y debe usarse para la planificación:

1. Estudiantes actuales que vuelven a ingresar a la escuela después del viaje

La Junta Escolar del Condado de Okeechobee solicita que todos los padres y tutores informen a sus escuelas por teléfono o correo electrónico si las personas en su hogar han viajado a Áreas Restringidas que los CDC han considerado de alto riesgo de transmisión sostenida generalizada del virus, NO ENTREN A LA ESCUELA. Llame al Departamento de Salud de Okeechobee al 863-462-5800 y siga sus indicaciones. Tras la notificación, las escuelas trabajarán con los funcionarios de salud del distrito y la comunidad para determinar la acción apropiada con respecto al reingreso de esos niños a la escuela. Tenga en cuenta estas áreas restringidas cuando haga planes de viaje para las vacaciones de primavera.

2. Inscripción o inscripción de nuevos estudiantes de áreas de alto riesgo

Las nuevas familias que lleguen a Okeechobee desde áreas restringidas también deben llamar al Departamento de Salud de Okeechobee al 863-462-5800 y seguir sus indicaciones. NO ENTRES A LA ESCUELA. Los funcionarios escolares trabajarán con los funcionarios de salud del distrito y de la comunidad para determinar el plan de inscripción y asistencia apropiado para esos estudiantes.

3. Desinfección de las instalaciones escolares.

Las escuelas se desinfectan habitualmente. Las manijas de las puertas, los escritorios, los grifos y los rieles de las escaleras se limpian a diario utilizando soluciones de limpieza adecuadas. Los autobuses escolares serán desinfectados con especial atención a los pasamanos, cinturones de seguridad y asientos. El desinfectante de manos a granel se está distribuyendo a todas las escuelas, y se ha aconsejado a las escuelas que aseguren el suministro adecuado de jabón y toallas de papel para el uso de los estudiantes y empleados.

4. Clínica de salud escolar

La clínica en cada escuela supervisa cada visita y informa al Departamento de Salud sobre la enfermedad, fiebre o accidente. Este es un procedimiento de rutina que se sigue durante todo el año y continuará. Si un estudiante llega a la clínica y tiene una temperatura de 100.4 grados o más, ese estudiante estará aislado tanto como sea posible, se le dará una máscara y se lo enviará a casa. Las enfermeras escolares han completado o programado técnicas de lavado de manos para todos los estudiantes de K-5. Mira este folleto para ayudarnos.

5. Asistencia escolar

Los estudiantes que proporcionen documentación escrita de su proveedor de atención médica aconsejándoles que se abstengan de asistir a la escuela debido al Coronavirus serán excusados. Se les pide a las familias de estos estudiantes que coordinen con los directores de sus escuelas para desarrollar un plan educativo apropiado caso por caso. Para todos los demás estudiantes, las políticas normales de asistencia escolar siguen vigentes. El distrito está preparado para tomar decisiones escuela por escuela con la orientación de los funcionarios de salud estatales y locales si es necesario. Mantenga a su hijo en casa fuera de la escuela si está enfermo. Si escribe una nota debido a su enfermedad, será excusada. Haga clic aquí para responder la pregunta: ¿Está su hijo demasiado enfermo para ir a la escuela? Si su hijo presenta alguno de estos síntomas, debe mantenerlo en casa.

6. Cierre de la escuela

Después de consultar con el Departamento de Salud, el Manejo de Emergencias y la Junta Escolar, se puede tomar la decisión de cerrar las escuelas como el peor de los casos. Esto es altamente improbable. Sin embargo, estamos haciendo planes para asegurar que la instrucción académica continúe a través de las siguientes vías: • A cada estudiante en los grados 6-12 ya se le ha asignado un Chromebook para uso regular todos los días. • Tenemos suficientes Chromebooks para los grados 2-12. • Los estudiantes tienen contraseñas para software en línea como, Edmentum Courseware, Exact Path, Study Island, i-Ready, Reflex Math, Schoology, Google Classroom e iXL. También se podrían asignar lecciones adicionales a través de Kahn Academy o uno de los muchos otros programas disponibles electrónicamente. • Algunos de estos pueden ser operados en un teléfono celular también después de descargar una aplicación. • Los estudiantes en K-1 tendrán tareas genéricas publicadas en el sitio web de cada escuela. Nuevamente, las escuelas no estarán cerradas a menos que las circunstancias sean extremas para la comunidad.

7. Viajes de empleados y estudiantes

Los viajes fuera del estado patrocinados por la escuela actualmente planificados para estudiantes y empleados pueden permitirse si un viaje es a un área que no figura en la lista de preocupaciones de los CDC. La administración del distrito revisará cada viaje caso por caso. Hasta nuevo aviso, no se aprobarán nuevas solicitudes de viaje fuera del estado. El distrito procede con precaución con respecto a los viajes dentro del estado. Todos los viajes dentro del estado deben ser aprobados por el superintendente. Los viajes que requieren viajes aéreos, los eventos realizados en espacios cerrados o los eventos con 1,000 o más participantes se considerarán cuidadosamente de forma individual. No hay restricciones en este momento para excursiones en el condado. El distrito continuará trabajando con el Departamento de Salud de Florida y monitoreará cualquier problema potencial en nuestra comunidad local.

Los estudiantes y empleados que estén enfermos no podrán viajar. Antes de viajar, los estudiantes y los empleados serán informados de que si se enferman durante el viaje, es posible que no se les permita regresar en transporte público si la autoridad de transporte determina que el individuo representa un riesgo para los demás transportados. Si a un estudiante no se le permite regresar debido a una enfermedad o aislamiento obligatorio, se requerirá que un adulto responsable permanezca con el estudiante. Se espera que tanto los estudiantes como los empleados con exposición a otras personas con el Coronavirus se autoaislen según lo recomendado por el Departamento de Salud de Florida.

Nos comunicaremos con la Asociación Atlética de Escuelas Secundarias de Florida con respecto a eventos deportivos regionales y estatales y brindaremos orientación a las escuelas una vez que se reciba esa información.

8. Información de contacto de estudiantes y empleados


Se insta a los padres y tutores a asegurarse de que sus números de teléfono y direcciones de correo electrónico sean correctos y que los permisos estén configurados para recibir mensajes. Verifique con su escuela para confirmar su información de contacto y para habilitar los mensajes de teléfono y correo electrónico.


Para obtener más información sobre Coronavirus, visite:

• Centros para el Control de Enfermedades:

• Departamento de Salud de Florida: