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5.30 Student Attendance

5.30 Student Attendance


Chapter 5.00: Students




Policies and procedures regarding student attendance and truancy enforcement are located in the Okeechobee County Schools Attendance Procedures and Programs Manual, the Code of Student Conduct, and the Student Progression Plan. The Attendance Procedures and Programs Manual shall be approved by the Board. The Superintendent will recommend changes in the Attendance Procedures and Programs Manual and other policies for Board approval, as necessary, due to changes in Florida Statutes and State Board of Education rules and to provide a more effective program.

I. A student who is absent without the principal’s approval shall have his/her parent(s), as defined by Florida Statutes, report such absences to the school center in the manner prescribed by the Code of Student Conduct.

A. The Code of Student Conduct shall prescribe attendance requirements including, but not limited to, provisions for excused and unexcused absences, opportunities to make up work assignments, and reporting absences.

B. Students shall be excused from any examination, study or work assignments for observance of a religious holiday or because the tenets of his/her religion forbid secular activity at such time. The school principal shall implement this provision on an individual basis pursuant to Florida Statutes and State Board of Education rule.

C. Students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder may be excused from school to attend medical appointments necessary to receive therapy for autism spectrum disorder, including, but not limited to, applied behavioral analysis, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

D. No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to any student who exercises their right to observe religious holidays or attend medical appointments.

II. Student absences must be tracked on a daily basis and parents contacted as required by law.

III. A person designated by the Superintendent or his/her designee shall investigate truancy problems.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 1001.41, 1001.42, F.S.

LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 1001.43, 1003.21, 1003.23, 1003.24, 1003.26


RULES: 6A-1.044, 6A-1.09514

HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998