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8.23 Transporting Students in Private Vehicles

8.23 Transporting Students in Private Vehicles

The School Board of Okeechobee County

Chapter 8.00: Auxiliary Services




I. School principals or the Superintendent may authorize transportation of students in privately owned motor vehicles only under the following circumstances:

A. When a student is ill or injured and must be taken home or to a medical treatment facility under non-emergency circumstances; and

1. The school has been unable to contact the student’s parent, as defined by Florida Statutes, or the parent or responsible adult designated by the parent is not available to provide the transportation;

2. Proper adult supervision of the student is available at the location to which the student is being transported;

3. The transportation is approved by the school principal, or a school administrator designated by the principal to grant or deny such approval, or in the absence of the principal and designee, by the highest ranking school administrator available under the circumstances;

4. If the school has been unable to contact the parent prior to the transportation, the school shall continue to seek to contact the parent or guardian until the school is able to notify the parent of the transportation and the pertinent circumstances.

B. When transportation is in connection with a school function or event in which the school or School District is participating or sponsoring or providing for the participation of students; if

1. The function is a single event (not part of a scheduled series to the same location;

2. Transportation is not available as a practical matter, using a school bus or District-owned passenger car; and

3. The parent is notified, in writing, and gives written consent.

C. When transportation is for trips to and from school sites or agricultural education sites.

D. When transportation is for trips to and from agriculture related events or competitions.

E. When School Board employees are required to use their own vehicles for duties involving occasional transportation of students.

II. Parents or other responsible adults who provide approved transportation in privately-owned vehicles shall have the same exposure to and protection from risks to personal liability as do School District employees acting within the scope of their employment.

III. When transportation is authorized in privately-owned vehicles:

A. The vehicle must be a passenger car or multi-purpose passenger vehicle or truck, as defined by federal law, designed to transport fewer than ten (10) students.

B. Drivers of such vehicles shall be required:

1. To show proof of insurance coverage at the minimum limits required by Florida Statutes and at other limits that may be required by the School Board;

2. To adhere to Florida laws and regulations related to driving including the Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law;

3. To provide proof of a valid driver’s license; and

4. To comply with the requirements of the District’s Safe Driver Plan.

C. Students may only be transported in designated seating positions and shall be required to use the occupant crash protection system provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

IV. The School Board may contract with a common carrier to transport students to and from in-season and post-season athletic contests and to and from a school function or event in which the School District or a school has undertaken to participate or to provide for or sponsor the participation of students.

V. Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, in an emergency situation which constitutes an imminent threat to student health or safety, school personnel may take whatever action is necessary under the circumstances to protect student health and safety.

VI. Transportation shall not be the responsibility of the School Board in connection with any event or activity which is not an event or activity offered by the School District or an event or an activity in which the School District or school has agreed to participate, co-sponsor, or require the participation of students, and the School Board shall have no liability for transportation arranged and provided by parents or other parties to such events or activities.


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