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8.70 Use of Facilities

Chapter 8.00: Auxiliary Services




I. Occasional Use of Facilities - Civic groups, charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and School District approved Supplemental Educational Services providers shall be permitted to use school facilities on an occasional basis in accordance with the following provisions:

A. All such groups desiring to use School District buildings or grounds for meetings or other activities must make a request in writing (Form #0-SO-26), which shall be forwarded to the Superintendent’s designee. Joint approval of the principal and the Superintendent’s designee is required.

B. Approval may be revoked at any time for failure to abide by any provision of this policy.

C. No individual or organization may use school facilities for profit. However, registered non-profit organizations shall be permitted to use school facilities for fund-raising purposes if there is a significant public benefit. Supplemental Educational Services providers may use facilities in accordance with their agreement with the School District.

D. The Superintendent will recommend a fee schedule for use of facilities in accordance with this policy. The Superintendent will also recommend changes in the fee schedule from time to time in order to ensure that School Board funds are not used to supplement these activities.

E. Fees may be waived by the Superintendent for activities sponsored and supervised by the Okeechobee County Recreation Department and for public meetings held by other governmental agencies. Fees may be waived by the Superintendent for other events if the proposed activity results in a significant benefit to students of the School System.

F. In addition to the fee schedule, additional charges for preparing, cleaning, and supervising will be assessed as determined by the Superintendent’s designee. If the principal determines that security is needed, the user must agree to provide required security services.

G. All organizations must agree:

1. To provide a certificate of insurance from an A-rated carrier, as reported in Best’s Guide of Insurance Carriers. The amount of coverage should be one million dollars ($1,000,000) combined limit for bodily injury and property damage. The Okeechobee County Schools must be named as an additional insured, except when the use is by other governmental agencies.

2. That there will be no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs sold, consumed or possessed on school premises.


II. Regular Use of Facilities - Should the Board have office, classroom or other space not currently needed for School District operations, the Superintendent may recommend that non-profit organizations serving students or parents be provided access to the space at no charge. The Superintendent will determine the amount needed to cover utility, custodial and waste disposal costs and assess the non-profit organization accordingly.


LAWS IMPLEMENTED: 106.15, 1001.33, 1001.43, 1001.51, 1013.10, F.S.


HISTORY: Adopted: 07/14/1998

Revision Date(s): 08/11/2009

Formerly: New