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Okeechobee Professional Development Forms

When submitting forms for inservice points, certain forms are required.

If an individual is a part of a group inservice with multiple people, the Okeechobee Participant Roster should be used. Individuals MUST print their names in the box provided. Inservice is awarded for the number of hours in the activity. Participants are encouraged to complete an Okeechobee Professional Development Evaluation for each professional development activity completed. 

If an individual participates in a professional development outside of the district, ie. FDLRS, workshops, subject specific activities, he or she must complete the Individual Inservice Record for the activity completed. The form must be filled out in its entirety, the school administrator must sign verifying the attendance, and proof of the activity must be attached to receive credit.  No Okeechobee Professional Development Evaluation is needed. 

When an individual attends a conference and would like to receive inservice credit, a Conference Inservice Record form must be submitted. This form must be completed in its entirety, signed by a school administrator verifying attendance, and proof of activity must be attached to receive credit.  (certificates/agendas can serve as evidence)