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General Information

Okeechobee County Schools serves as a Pearson Testing Center, allowing us to offer the GED exam.  On this page, you will find information related to the GED exam, as well as a link to the Pearson GED website.  Please note that all test candidates must register for the GED exam at the Pearson GED website.

2016-2017 GED Testing Dates

Fall 2017

October 10, 11, 12               

November 7, 8, 9

December 5, 6, 7

Spring 2018

January 16, 17, 18

February 7, 8, 9

March 6, 7, 8

April 10, 11, 12

May 8, 9, 10

When registering for the GED in Okeechobee County you have to select and register for each assessment individually.  If you select all four assessments for one day you will not be able to register due to time constraints.