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Digital Classroom Plan Mission & Vision

Our mission is to prepare all students to be college and career ready and to possess the attitudes and values necessary to function as productive citizens. We will accomplish this mission by creating a technological environment that allows all learners equal access to interact, collaborate, and succeed. We believe the use of technology as a learning tool and part of the curriculum should focus on supporting differentiated instruction, problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking skills and individualized learning.

Okeechobee County Schools has identified five long-term goals for integrating technology into all aspects of the educational system.  These goals will guide the technology planning process and the implementation of the plan during the five year duration of this plan.

These goals are:

  1. To implement Florida Standards-based instruction and integrate technology into the curriculum in every classroom.

  2. Provide ongoing staff development for implementation and use of technology.

  3. Increase access to technology for all students

  4. Implement 1:1 computers across the district

  5. Establish an ongoing process as a means to evaluate the effective implementation of the technology plan 

Resource Guides

For resource guides and instructions on how to reset your network password click on Resource Guides on the right side of this page.

Instructional Technology

For Teacher Tools, IT Professional Development, TechBytes and other information click on Instructional Technology on the right side of this page or click this link for the OCSB Instructional Technology Webiste:

C@mp IT Information

C@mp IT is  a summer professional development event for the Okeechobee County and Heartland Consortium educators who are willing to spend a few extra days of summer vacation in school—learning about the technology trends and tools that can help students collaborate,  communicate, create and think critically.  Our annual event is held at Osceola Middle School and features two days of consecutive sessions and workshops.  

We may be interested in changing when and how C@mp IT is operated. Please fill out this form to voice your preferences:

Contact Us

Shawna May            Director of Information Technology         863-462-5704 x1117
Frank Shin Coordinator of Network Systems 863-462-5704 x.1103