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Welcome to School Social Work

School Social Workers, Connecting Schools, Families, and the Community throughout the District.

As required by Florida Statutes and School Board Policy, School Social Workers facilitate parental cooperation to resolve excessive absences. If excessive absences continue the child and parent are referred to Court for further action.

As a member of the Student Assessment Team, School Social Workers interview the student's legal guardian to obtain pertinent information relative to child development. Standardized assessments are completed which assist with student interventions and exceptional education eligibility. Individualized recommendations and referrals are made to medical, mental health, financial, and other agency providers to assist students and families.

School Social Workers also provide direct services to students and their families by providing mentoring, consultation, and small group counseling.

Who is your School Social Worker?

School Social Worker

School Social Workers are certified and/or licensed by the state of Florida.

• OCSB School Social Workers have a variety of certifications / licensures including Masters of Social Work, Academy of Certified Social Workers,Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and National Certification as a Certified School Social Work Specialist.  

• In Okeechobee County, School Social Workers may also be members of the National Association of School Social Workers and the Florida Association of School Social Workers.

Okeechobee County's Social Worker

Pam Hancock, BSW

Pam has been with OCSB since 2001. She has served the community and it's students for 22 years. Pam works with community agencies to find counseling and other services for the students and parents of Okeechobee County.

To contact Pam:

863-462-5000 ext. 1098 or

Medicaid Billing

Medicaid Billing

This department prepares and submits Medicaid billing for exceptional education students

  • Assessments
  • Scores adaptive measures
  • Report development
  • Crisis intervention counseling
  • Consultation, coordination and follow-up with other health care staff, parent, 
    teachers and family

Saves money by generating dollars for Medicaid reimbursable services