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Our mission is to prepare all students to be college and career ready and to possess the attitudes and values necessary to function as productive citizens. We will accomplish this mission by creating a technological environment that allows all learners equal access to interact, collaborate, and succeed. We believe the use of technology as a learning tool and part of the curriculum should focus on supporting differentiated instruction, problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking skills and individualized learning.

Okeechobee County Schools has identified five long-term goals for integrating technology into all aspects of the educational system.  These goals will guide the technology planning process and the implementation of the plan during the five year duration of this plan.

These goals are:

  1. To implement Florida Standards-based instruction and integrate technology into the curriculum in every classroom.

  2. Provide ongoing staff development for implementation and use of technology.

  3. Increase access to technology for all students

  4. Implement 1:1 computers across the district

  5. Establish an ongoing process as a means to evaluate the effective implementation of the technology plan 

Professional Development

Training teachers and staff in the effective use of classroom technologies is our most important mission. You can get support for your school in a number of ways:

  • Online training at your convenience using the District's professional development systems. Our anytime, anyplace courses allow teachers and staff to learn at their own pace with lessons that target the instructional use of classroom technology.
  • Training on Demand is direct one-on-one instruction on any number of software and online tools and services on your school campus. Just complete our Training Request form with your school's point of contact and the objectives you hope to accomplish.  
  • Scheduled Trainings are conducted throughout the year on early Release Days or Teacher Work Days.
  • On Demand Videos are available to view at anytime during the school year.  

Golden Mouse 2015-2016

Quarter 1


Central Elementary School - Nicole Tribble

North Elementary School - Tracy Phillips - Winner

Osceola Middle School - Nicole Eak

South Elementary School - Heather Hawk


Quarter 2


North Elementary School - Amie Eldred

Okeechobee High School - Jason Anderson - Winner

Seminole Elementary  School - Jessica Lowe

South Elementary School - Michelle Lapointe

Yearling Middle School - Rebecca Maxwell

Quarter 3


North Elementary School - Alicia Perviss

Osceola Middle School - Manuel Sanchez

Seminole Elementary School - Emily Freeman

South Elementary School - Amelia Lozano

Yearling Middle School - Britani Bryner - Winner

Quarter 4


Central Elementary School - Taylor Padrick

North Elementary School - Elizabeth Stanley

Osceola Middle School - Angela Jones

Seminole Elementary School - Cassie Peaden

South Elementary School - Kim Collins

Yearling Middle School - Trisha Jennings - Winner

Internet Access Resources

Comcast Internet Essentials

Century Link Internet Basics

Eligible families may qualify for low-cost internet service.  For more information click on the links above. 

1:1 Updates

Chromebooks are being ordered for students at the Okeechobee Freshman Campus.  There will be a Board Workshop held on December 8th from 3:00-5:00 PM.