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ESOL is a professional field of study, which trains classroom teachers to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELL) who are learning English as a second language.

Okeechobee County School Board’s Add-on Certification Programs for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement reflects the new State Board of Education approved FLORIDA TEACHER STANDARDS for ESOL ENDORSEMENT; Rule 6A-4.02451.


In accordance with the Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Student Achievement through Language Acquisition (SALA) who assists schools and districts, while ensuring ELLs receive comprehensible instruction.  In addition, the Bureau will monitor our schools and districts for compliance with state and federal rules, regulations, the 1990 League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) et al. v. the State Board of Education (SBE) Consent Decree, and the 2003 Modification of theConsent Decree.

ESOL Required Training

Category 1- Language Arts, English, Reading, Writing, Elementary, or ESE (VE Fulltime) 300 hours and endorsement added to your certificate

Category 2- Computer Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, or ESE (VE Inclusion) 60 hours

Category 3- Art, Foreign Language, Journalism, Music, Physical Education, or all other electives 18 hours

Category 4- School Administrators or Guidance Counselors 60 hours

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Training Provided by the District

Okeechobee County School Board provides free classes for all 5 components of the ESOL Endorsement. Contact Andi Canaday for registration information.

What is the difference?

ESOL Endorsement

This is an add-on to a valid Florida teaching certificate. You must be already certified in a subject area. It can be added by completing the 5 ESOL approved college courses or the 300 hour district ESOL option, or a combination of the two. (You cannot add the ESOL endorsement by passing the ESOL K-12 subject area exam.) 

ESOL K-12 Certification

This certification is a subject area certification. It requires passing the ESOL K-12 Area Exam, and an additional 120 hours of ESOL training.

Course Information


Cross-Cultural Communication

(60 hours)

This course is designed to identify the major cultures represented by the LEP students in Florida public schools in order to develop better cross-cultural understanding among all groups, and to appropriately meet their special needs within the school and community setting.


Applied Linguistics

(60 hours)

This course is designed to help teachers address the important role linguistics plays when working with ESOL students. The teachers will acquire a greater understanding of the structure of English from a modern day linguistic perspective and will analyze the structure of English in contrast with the languages of target populations in a given class.


Methods of Teaching ESOL

(60 hours)

This course is designed to enable participants to identify and apply major ESOL methodologies and approaches. Teachers will learn best practices to teach subject matter, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and to determine the appropriateness of instruction and learning opportunities for ESOL students to help them succeed.


Curriculum and Materials

(60 hours)

This course is designed to improve and enhance the participant’s knowledge of ESOL curriculum and materials appropriate for use with LEP students.


Testing and Evaluation

(60 hours)

This course (formerly Empowering ESOL Teachers) is designed to empower teachers of ESOL/ELL students develop the ability to provide appropriate, comprehensible, interactive, and cognitively challenging instruction which will facilitate their students’ language development and academic achievement.

ESOL 18 hour Course

ELL/ESOL Strategies for Prof. K-12

(18 hours)

Understand the needs of ELL students and the outcomes needed for language development and overall academic achievement. Develop strategies for working successfully with ELL students in all school settings. (Category 3 Only)