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New Student Online Enrollment

Okeechobee County Schools Online Enrollment for students who are new to the district and have never attended a school within Okeechobee County Public Schools.

Step 1: Find Your School
Use your home address to find the school zone for your child on the maps listed at the
bottom of this linked page:
If you are seeking attendance outside your school zone, you can also follow the link to
complete a zone waiver form.

Step 2: Access New Student Enrollment Portal
Do you have a child currently enrolled in an Okeechobee County School ?

Yes- access the New Student Enrollment Portal from your
Skyward Family Access at

No-submit a Portal Account Request at

Step 3: Complete the New Student Enrollment Application Form
Once you have accessed the New Student Enrollment: Application Form, you may
select the language in which the form is presented. Locate Select language in the top
right corner.
Information needed to complete enrollment :

  • Name of student exactly as it appears on the birth certificate
  • Home address (physical address)
  • Post office box (if applicable)
  • Parents/Guardians personal and/or work phone number and email address
  • List of student’s allergies/medical conditions
  • Name and phone number of physician
  • Emergency contact information: name, phone numbers, email

Required documents:
These documents may be uploaded from home or brought to school at the time
of your child’s enrollment screening appointment. Birth Certificate

  • A current physical examination on Form #3040. To be valid, the physical must have been completed within a year of school entry date and signed by a licensed physician.
  • A Florida Certificate of Immunization Record (Form #680) completed by a physician or the Okeechobee County Health Department.
  • Proof of address (Please see Okeechobee County School District Student Progression Plan)

**In order to begin the first day of school, these documents must be on file
with the school.

Step 4: Make an appointment with your child’s school to complete an enrollment screening and other required documentation.

  • Central Elementary 863-462-5077
  • Everglades Elementary 863-462-5108
  • North Elementary 863-462-5100
  • Seminole Elementary 863-462-5116
  • South Elementary 863-462-5087
  • Osceola Middle 863-462-5070
  • Yearling Middle 863-634-5056
  • Okeechobee Freshman Campus 863-462-5288
  • Okeechobee High School 863-462-5025
  • Okeechobee Achievement Academy 863-462-5125
  • Okeechobee Virtual 863-462-5125

If you were unable to upload the required documents or if you have custody
papers, please bring the documents with you to your appointment.