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The Okeechobee County School District offers eligible students full and part-time virtual school options each school year.  All programs were created in accordance with Florida Statutes to provide our students with high quality instruction in an online environment.  We offer options for students enrolled in public school, private school, or home education.  If you are currently attending an Okeechobee County School you should contact your counselor about virtual classes.  If you are interested in a full time virtual option contact the Director of Student Services at 863-462-5000 x.260.  

MyDistrict Virtual

My District Virtual School

MyDistrict Virtual School is the name of the online learning option for K-12 students provided by the North East Florida Educational Consortium. K-12 students must meet state eligibility requirements. Students in grades K-12 may enroll in virtual education courses either full-time or part-time. 

Section 1002.45, F.S., required each school district, beginning with the 2009-2010 school year to provide eligible students the option to participate in a virtual instruction program. Since then, additional legislation and Florida Department of Education directives have increased the options, requirements and accountability of virtual instruction programs.

NEFEC provides virtual instruction program support as a service to its participating small school districts. In most instances:

  • Students are compiled across district lines to form courses
  • NEFEC selects and supervises the teacher
  • NEFEC guides and helps administer the program
  • The school district oversees the students and administers state/district testing

K12/Fuel Education

Click here for more information from NEFEC!

MOSAIC Digital Academy

Introducing Mosaic Digital Academy, a virtual school experience with a personal touch. This  self-selecting, student-parent choice option is designed for kindergarten through grade 12 students whose primary residence is St. Lucie, Martin, or Okeechobee counties. Virtual schooling is a progressive choice for families, providing expanded educational services, utilizing online curriculum, to a wider student community for anywhere, anytime learning.  What really makes Mosaic Digital Academy’s virtual program unique is the local and personal experience students get by participating in school clubs, field experiences capturing learning opportunities in our tri-county region, face-to-face tutoring with teachers, and student-centered workshops designed to ensure learning goals are met for every student.
Mission Statement
Mosaic Digital Academy engages students by enhancing learning through a variety of virtual and live experiences to support the whole child, PERSONALIZING learning for students, and preparing them to be VALUED CONTRIBUTORS in a global society. 

MDVS/K12 Key Dates

Key Dates for 2015-2016

Enrollment 2015-2016:

Initial enrollment period start date:    04/20/15
Initial enrollment period end date:  07/18/15
Second enrollment period start date:  07/19/15
Second enrollment period end date: 09/04/15
Semester 1 Start Date: 08/18/15
Semester 1 End Date:  01/15/16
Semester 2 Start Date: 01/20/16
2015-2016 school year end date: 06/03/16

Mid-Year Dates:

Mid-year enrollment start date: 12/07/15  Application Portal Opened
Mid-year enrollment end date:   02/05/16 Applications Closed
Second Semester Start Date: 01/20/16