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All About APTT

What is APTT?

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) encourage families and teachers to work together to ensure that students achieve success in school and home. This model supplements and elevates the efforts of traditional parent conferences by expanding opportunities for families and teaachers to collaborate. Teachers share grade level information, tools and strategies that families can use at home and in the community to accelerate student learning.

How does APTT work?

There are two types of parent-teacher meetings, team and individual, all facilitated by the classroom teacher. 

Team meetings take place three times a year with the teacher and families of all the teachers' students. This meeting gives families opportunities to learn and contribute in a collaborative environment. Important grade level information and strategies are learned and exchanged with all families.

Individual sessions take place once a year with the student and the student's family to provided individualized support. These sessions offer opportunites for families and teachers to discuss progress, create a course of action to support student growth and streghten the parent-teacher relationship.

Contact your child's school for the dates of the next APTT meetings.

Last Updated:  December 11, 2023